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Respirator mask for supplemental oxygen saves lives of more than 2,000 COVID-19 patients in ICU – Express Healthcare

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Currently, the mask is being used by more than 137 hospitals

Ventipeep, a new-age respirator mask, developed to administer supplemental oxygen (medically referred to as FiO2), is saving thousands of lives with its capacity to save patients from SPO2 levels of 50 per cent.

Currently, it is being used by more than 137 hospitals including Nair Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Civil Hospital Surat, Ispat General Hospital, Orange Hospital, Sanjeevani Hospital, Yasfeen Hospital, Rajasthan Hospital, CMD Hospital and A V Hospital, amongst others.

The second wave of COVID-19 has led to an increase in the number of patients needing hospitalisation and ICU treatment leading to a major stress on our medical infrastructure, scarcity of beds, ventilators and oxygen supply. As of the first week of April 2021, there were 4,02,552 active COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra out of which an average of 25 per cent i.e. 1,00,000 patients were entered into ICUs. However, there are only 11,587 ICU beds and only 5,793 ventilators available.

Ventipeep can be used in the ICU, in the normal wards and even inside ambulances. All it needs is a simple 10 LPM oxygen concentrator (along with Ventipeep) to help ARDS, ALI, COVID- 19 patients or any patient in need of oxygen to stabilise and recover. It is also an excellent aid to small hospitals which lack infrastructure as it helps reduce the time needed for treatment and can be used in any ward of the hospital.

Ventipeep is an affordable and time-saving device as it reduces the number of days of hospitalisation of a patient. It can also be used at home as it does not require a trained professional as needed to operate a ventilator.

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