Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Radiometer Medical India launches 24/7 Toll-Free Helpline Number for its customers – Express Healthcare

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This helpline number will be commissioned from April 15 to help improve customer service

Radiometer Medical India has launched a 24/7 service helpline through single Toll-free number 1800-266-3837 for its customers in India which will commence from today April 15, 2021. In the wake of the pandemic, ensuring timely and quality service to every customer gained a lot of impetus, making the need of timely support exceptional and more pronounced.

As per a release, the launch of this 24/7 helpline service will give an extra boost to the customer service efforts made by Radiometer Medical India so far. Having a 24/7 dedicated toll-free number will allow the customers to reach out to the Service Team whenever there is a need to troubleshoot. It will be handled by a team of proficient Service Engineers who will be equipped to diagnose the breakdown of the analysers and take necessary pre-emptive actions in allocating the resources in case the site needs to be visited. Backend integration of this helpline with LIVE Connect, the exclusive remote service solution offered by Radiometer Medical will allow Service Engineers to remotely monitor and access the analyser.

Speaking on this occasion, Radiometer Medical India, General Manager, Smit Dave was quoted as saying, “In critical care settings, time is LIFE. There is no technology in the world which cannot face a breakdown. By having a 24/7 customer support on Toll Free number, we expect to reduce the TAT during such breakdowns and thus stand shoulder to shoulder to our clients. We want to be available all the time. That is our purpose, our value proposition – Whatever comes next, we make sure life comes first.”

Adding to that, Radiometer Medical, Vice President – Global Services & Customer Support, Anders Myhre was quoted as saying, “Delivering uninterrupted customer service and expertise have always been our focal point. The unprecedented COVID crisis has however made it quite challenging. Amidst the travel restrictions, it wasn’t easy for the Service Engineers to be available at customer’s site to attend breakdown calls, given that several installations are at remote locations in India. The launch of 24/7 toll-free helpline is our promise to support our customers round the clock. This helpline will further harness the existing capability of remote diagnosis of analysers through LIVE Connect, allowing our Service Engineers to remotely troubleshoot, ensuring speedy resolution, remote security updates, reduced downtime and improved productivity at customer’s site.” Diagnosing the analyser remotely will allow the service team in quick closure of cases of breakdown, sparing the Service Engineers time to resolve more cases every day.

Ana Magalhaes, Radiometer Medical, Director – Customer Experience & Training, stated, “With a dedicated helpline number, our team of Service Engineers will be just a phone call away from our customers. The 24/7 helpline will ensure customers have convenient, round-the-clock access to Radiometer leading to less downtime, if any. At the end of the day it is about ensuring a positive experience and an enhanced level of satisfaction to all our customers.”

Radiometer Medical India aims to deliver unmatched customer service support to every customer at all corners of India with an effort to reduce complexity and increase automation.

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