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ProPhysio in expansion mode, to set up more than 100 clinics in 2021 – 22 – Express Healthcare

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Aims to build India’s largest chain of allied health clinics

ProPhysio, a new-age startup setting high standards in physiotherapy and rehabilitation services is planning to set up more than 100 clinics in the next year with an aim to build India’s largest chain of allied health clinics.

As per a release, ProPhysio is managed by a group of medical practitioners and delivers health services through clinics, home health and telehealth. ProPhysio had raised an undisclosed amount of funding earlier from NestaVera to further accelerate its growth and build new products and services.

Starting with just two clinics in 2016, ProPhysio has grown at a phenomenal rate with over 60 clinics currently in three cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. ProPhysio is now reportedly looking to cover cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad, and tier-2 cities like Mysore, Shimoga and Coimbatore amongst others.

The media handout states that ProPhysio clients and partners include Apollo Health, Rainbow Children’s Hospitals, NU Hospitals and many other healthcare groups. ProPhysio services over 5000+ sessions of therapy every month and has cared for over 25000+ patients over the last four years to attain better health and lifestyle with their custom made solutions. The target is to cater to 1 million patients by 2023.

Pramod Ravindra, Founder & CEO, ProPhysio said, “The importance of physical and mental health is growing and ProPhysio is at the forefront of delivering these services. We aim to deliver care with over 100,000+ sessions of therapy per annum making us a leader in delivering allied health services. We currently see that most people who come to us are the ones who need medical intervention. We want to take this to a different paradigm where we are health coaches and not just consultants who guide the health journey of an individual, be it a person recovering from an illness or an athlete who needs that edge to perform at their optimal levels or a regular person who wants to lead a healthy life. We will deliver the best of medical services to people, and we are happy to be expanding to more cities and opening more clinics to reach as many people as possible.”

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