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PharmEasy aims to vaccinate over 3 crore people within next few quarters – Express Healthcare

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To leverage its pan India presence and pharma supply chain facility enabling last-mile delivery of cold chain products

PharmEasy, a digital healthcare platform, aims to vaccinate over 3 crore people within the next few quarters via camps and vaccine centres. Individuals, companies, RWAs, old age homes etc. can register for vaccines that will be administered.

As India’s second wave sees a record rise in COVID-19 cases surpassing the worst of last year, the Government of India has invited the participation of private companies to accelerate vaccination across the country.

Accordingly, from May 1, 2021, as all legal adults (above the age of 18) become eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19, PharmEasy will reportedly leverage its presence across India, with over 80,000 partner retailers, 5,000 doctors and a state-of-the-art pharma supply chain facility enabling last-mile delivery of cold chain products, to vaccinate over 3 crore families via 5,000 partner centres, pan-India in the next few quarters

As per a company release, basis the availability of vaccines and guidelines provided by GOI (to be released soon), PharmEasy will release the timelines for the start of the vaccination drive. As soon as the vaccines doses are available, the company will reach out to registered individuals and assist them with vaccination slots at camps set-up in their vicinity.

PharmEasy has reportedly already received an overwhelming response, with over 50 lakh individuals and 1200 organisations across the length and breadth of the country, making a soft commitment to vaccinate themselves and their respective families. Interested individuals and large corporates can register for the vaccine at this link: Registration Link.

The release specifies that interested citizens will need to provide the relevant details and use the registration link to be eligible to get the vaccination through PharmEasy camps. As soon as PharmEasy starts receiving the vaccine supplies, it will contact all the registered companies and individuals with the necessary information on location, timings and pricing.

The release cautions that registrations do not guarantee individuals an immediate slot. Vaccines will be provided as per availability and in line with the GOI guidelines which will be released soon. The brand of vaccine being administered will depend on the availability and the price of each dose of vaccine will be in tune with what the manufacturers decide.

At each vaccination centre, there will be a waiting room for the beneficiary, a room where the vaccine will be administered and an observation room where the vaccinated person will have to wait for about 30 minutes.

PharmEasy is part of API Holdings, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, which digitises and organises supply chains to provide easy access for pharmacies to affordable and authentic products in the shortest possible time. The platforms also provide SaaS solutions for pharmacies to use in procurement combined with delivery and logistics support, and credit solutions to buy over 200,000 medicines from over 3000 pharmaceutical manufacturers, as per the media handout.

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