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Perspectives on World Health Day 2021 – Express Healthcare

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While the WHO’s theme for world health Day April 7 is to build a fairer, healthier world post-COVID-19, Express Healthcare presents some industry perspectives on this theme

Rajesh Patel, CEO – IVD India, Trivitron Healthcare

Let us take a pledge that the most advanced healthcare services should reach every corner of the world to ensure that no one is deprived of medical attention. It is imperative that we too should take care of our health and practise a conscious healthy lifestyle. The equilibrium of healthy lifestyle and effective diagnosis will define the importance of this day. In order to make this day successful the society needs to take a collective responsible approach for their well-being. We need to set an example for the rest of the world as a nation that medical awareness and state of the art technology will make us Atma Nirbhar.

 Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director of Population Foundation of India

The focus on public health today, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, must be leveraged to improve access to quality health care, an essential service for all. Universal health coverage is critical and must reach the most vulnerable. This pandemic has underlined the need for a resilient health system – not as an option, but a necessity – to provide comprehensive, accountable, inclusive, and affordable quality health care to all.

Prateep Sen, Co-CEO, Tribeca Care

Having cared for thousands of seniors at TriBeCa Care, I understand better the secret to a long, happy and productive old age. A relentless and unwavering effort to tweak the lifestyle parameters that you control today, will better your own health, both physical and mental, when you are older. Being fit today will help you take long walks independently when you are 80.

Dr Sanish Davis, President, Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR)

World Health Day is an important day to take stock of where we are and what we need to do to create a stronger clinical research ecosystem in India, a country which has the world’s second largest population and the highest disease burden. We have seen several positive steps taken during the pandemic, particularly in digital adoption, to expedite approvals and conduct of clinical trials while ensuring adherence to ethics, quality and patient safety. We need to build on this further and ensure better and more widespread access to clinical trials across the country. I call upon all clinical research stakeholders to take learnings from the pandemic forward and collaborate with each other so that we can create a healthier future for everyone.

Prakriti Poddar, Global Head for Mental Health at Round Glass, Managing Trustee, Poddar Foundation

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the World Health Day emphasises the theme “Building a fairer, healthier world”. While some people across the world have access to better living conditions and health services, the same is not true for some groups who suffer the most from fewer employment opportunities, unsafe living conditions, inequality, clean air, water, and health services. Though the healthcare sector in India is one of the fastest growing in the world but according to a report by the National Survey Office, only 19.1 per cent urban Indians have some type of health coverage or insurance. To add to that, India has one of the highest disease burdens in the world. Many more die of preventable diseases in India than in other countries. The situation is further worsened by the increasing number of mental health issues faced by the country’s population. According to WHO, India has one of the largest populations affected by mental illness. Timely intervention, availability of professional help, awareness about the issue, and appropriate policies is the only way to improve the situation. This year, World Health Day focuses on creating awareness about such issues and urges world leaders to make sure that equity in health is the centrepiece of our COVID-19 recovery. With increasing focus and attention, it is indeed possible to create living and working conditions for all that are conducive to good health. It is the need of the hour to take immediate action to eliminate health inequalities and build a fairer, healthier world for everyone.

Vaibhav Bhosale, COO, Nightingales Home Health Services

With the world continuing to endure the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for home healthcare has been on an evident rise. To cater to the needs of our patients, Nightingales has not just recalibrated its offerings but has also created all-new products to serve the current patient needs. New initiatives are being consistently rolled out with well-designed plans and enhanced safety protocols. We even introduced critical care services such as ‘Intensive Care at Home’ that require deep clinical experience coupled with an understanding of exceptional standards of care. The importance of home healthcare had never been realized as acutely as in recent times. We, at Nightingales, have recognised this need and built out a wide array of home healthcare offerings including physiotherapy, nursing, caregiving, doctor visits etc. that allow patients to access quality and expert care in the convenience and comfort of one’s home.

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