Thursday, October 28, 2021

OptraLABS received ICMR clearance for IgG rapid test kits – Express Healthcare

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Based on studies conducted at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune, Optra-Shield test kits showed 99 per cent specificity and 95 per cent sensitivity for IgG antibodies post COVID-19 infection

Pune based OptraLABS announced that it has received approval from ICMR towards its COVID-19 rapid test kits named ‘Optra-Shield’. Based on studies conducted at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune, Optra-Shield test kits showed 99 per cent specificity and 95 per cent sensitivity to detect immunity post-COVID-19 infection.

As per a release, these kits detect IgG antibodies which are developed a post-COVID-19 infection as a fighting mechanism of the body immune system. Once these antibodies are developed, the person becomes non-contagious and considered safe to intermingle with others.

Optra-Shield comes with a mobile-based self-assessment app and at-home rapid test kit (like a glucose testing or pregnancy testing device). the kit includes a lancet (a finger pricker) to obtain a drop of blood on the strip which in few minutes shows immunity levels against COVID-19.

“COVID pandemic has paralysed the entire world. Lockdown was imposed in many parts of the world that resulted in controlling the spread of the virus but also impacted our economy. The only option is to allow people working again to bring back economical developments. But how would one ensure that people are safe to return to work? Not all businesses can afford to work from home,” said Abhi Gholap, Founder and CEO, Optra Group of companies.

He further added, “OptraLABS kits for Recovery Testing is the solution. These kits can be used at home or work. These kits are also particularly useful to test the effect of COVID-19 vaccine. We are not only manufacturing these in India but also made sure that our kits cost-effective. We are making Optra-Shield available at Rs. 350 in India.”

Dr. Achal Pashine, a well-known scientist and ex-Director at Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK, and Roche said, “There are additional ways where this test kit could be very helpful, especially after the anticipated mass-vaccination programs against SARS-CoV2. This kit can be utilised by the governmental health agencies to monitor the administration and efficacy of their immunisation program. This could be monitored by user-submitted data after the vaccine recipient uses the COVID-Shield test at home post-vaccination after a prescribed time. Recalling patients after vaccination to conduct diagnostic serological tests for antibody development may be a difficult task, especially in countries like India and other South Asian countries where the compliance for return visits could be low. Thus, a self-administrable kit by OptraLABS could fulfill that need in an affordable, accessible, and traceable way.”

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