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On World Diabetes Day, docs endorse ozone therapy for cardiodiabesity – Express Healthcare

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Doctors share thoughts on holistic diabetes treatment with oxygenation, highlight how ozone therapy brings relief for Type 2 diabetes and diabetic foot treatment improving insulin function

Ozone Forum of India, an initiative supported by Bisleri Charitable Trust and World Federation of Ozone Therapy brought to light deeper concerns on diabetes type 2 on this World Diabetes Day with Dr. Mili Arpan Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India, Dr Anupam Gaur, Founder-Director, Centre For Optimum Health, Gurgaon and Dr Gautam Shah, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor in Orthopaedics endorsing holistic treatment as ozone therapy for a multi organ level cure for diabetes rather than only treating blood sugar levels.

Doctors say holistic treatment is critical as cardiodiabesity (Cardiac + Diabetes + Obesity) is a 21st century pandemic and now the single greatest contributor to chronic disease and early aging.

Mumbai-based diabetic Atul Raorane mentioned that his pre ozone therapy sugar levels were upto 350. After ozone and follow ups, it has now reportedly come down to 75 and he has started taking ozone therapy since 2018. According to him his energy levels have improved drastically and he could work 24×7 during the pandemic.

As per a release, ozone therapy works by improving the oxygenation levels leading to better health and successful treatment of type 2 diabetes and diabetic foot. Ozone therapy delivers more oxygen and energy at the tissue. It also improves immunity with WBC, helps immunity and improved oxygen delivery with RBC. Ozone works with platelets to improve circulation and healing.

Ozone Forum of India has reportedly trained over 2400 doctors in use of ozone therapy and have invested in extensive research on same since last 18 years.

As Dr Mili Arpan Shah explains,“Diabetes is not only a disease, it is a condition of multi organ involvement which causes greater complications such as eye disorders like glaucoma, cataract retinopathy or renal or kidney failure or cardiovascular diseases. Hence holistic method of treating diabetes i.e. focusing from the one part treatment to the whole body is what will help diabetic treatment. It is a multi-organ involvement where one need to work on from diet to exercise to best to detox and oxygenation, which is the key towards improving diabetic complications and tissue damage and it improves general vascular occlusion also.”

Dr Gaur cautions that while India’s median age is 29 years at the moment, we have the crucial next 10 years ahead to make the most out of our economy but Type-2 diabetes might turn out to be a curse for our young workforce as their youth will get overshadowed by low productivity and further lifestyle diseases induced by diabetes which will eventually result in chronic diseases.

He also adds, “While existing management practices are limited to blood sugar control only, medical ozone therapies or ozone therapy come as a promising useful resource in targeting the root cause of the problem, helping patients in augmentation of their mitrochondrial functions, reforming their desired genetic expressions and in restoration of their microbiome. Eventually, we are aiming at extending their youth which would not only help with the disease but also help the nation grow with a younger workforce for the longest time”.

As Dr Shah says, “The most important complications of diabetes is diabetic foot ulcer. Ozone therapy prevents the diabetic foot ulcer from amputation by increasing the oxygenation and improving the blood circulation of the limb. Ozone therapy helps in healing of diabetic ulcer by reducing infection, it helps in swelling and pain reduction. I as an orthopaedic surgeon, have been treating patients with ozone therapy since the past 12 years.”

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