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No pendency of oxygen concentrators with Indian Customs, says Ministry of Health – Express Healthcare

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The Indian Customs is swiftly clearing all consignments and no such figures of pendency exist across any port of import, said the Ministry of Health

It has been reported in some sections of the media that oxygen concentrators are pending at the Customs warehouse for getting clearance from the customs authorities. The news is totally incorrect, not based on facts and without any basis, said the Ministry of Health.

In a statement issued yesterday, the ministry said that The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has clarified that there is no such pendency with the Indian Customs. The Indian Customs is swiftly clearing all consignments and no such figures of pendency exist across any port of import.

It also said, “In all, 3,000 oxygen concentrators have been received from various countries as global aid to support the efforts of the Government of India and the states/Union Territories (UTs) in their collective fight against the global pandemic. Of these, Mauritius has sent 200 oxygen concentrators, Russia (20), Thailand (30), China (1,000) and Uzbekistan (151), Thailand (30), China (1,000) and Uzbekistan (151), while 80 are from Romania, 700 from Ireland and the UK has sent in four consignments (95+120+280+174). In addition, Taiwan has sent 150.”

It added, “The oxygen concentrators are either delivered to the identified tertiary-care institutions or have been dispatched for delivery. The relief material has been dispatched through road and air too. There are no oxygen contractors lying in the warehouse of the Customs Department, it is clarified.”

It further said, “The Indian Customs is sensitive to the need for availability of COVID-related imports, including oxygen and oxygen-related equipment, etc., and is working 24×7 to fast track and clear the goods on arrival and lead to expeditious clearance within hours. The goods are given high priority for clearance by the Customs Systems for processing over other goods. While the Nodal Officers get alerts on email for monitoring and clearance, monitoring by senior officers for the pendency of COVID-related imports is also being undertaken.”

Recently, the matter regarding a consignment of 3,000 oxygen concentrators lying with customs authorities came up in the Delhi High Court and the same was clarified by the government counsel that at present, no such consignment is pending with the customs authorities.

The Ministry of Finance also clarified the matter through an official release on 3rd May, 2021 in response to the flooding of social media with the news that 3,000 oxygen concentrators are lying with Customs.

The Ministry stated, “We have again checked with our field formations and there is no such consignment lying with the Customs. However, since a photograph has also been put on Twitter, if anybody has information as to where it is lying, the same may be informed to us and we will take immediate action.”

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