Saturday, September 18, 2021

Medall makes pre-natal testing accessible & affordable for pregnant women – Express Healthcare

It also provides blood collection services at home, test reports that can be accessed on its app and website

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Medall has announced a comprehensive Pregnancy Care package including all essential pre-natal blood tests and scans for the three trimesters, as well as new born baby screening and post-partum basic blood tests for the new mother.

With both pathology and radiology testing capabilities and expertise under one single roof, Medall’s pregnancy package will make it convenient not only for pregnant women to avail the entire diagnostic services required during the nine months and immediately post, at Medall’s diagnostic centers closest to them, but also for referring obstetricians outside of large hospitals.

In addition, Medall provides blood collection services at home, test reports that can be accessed on its app and website as well as parental counselling sessions every trimester, to help cope with anxiety and apprehensions of pregnancy. The package priced almost 40 per cent lower than the sum of the individual tests, makes pregnancy care and testing more affordable as well.

Arjun Ananth, CEO, Medall, said, “Pregnancy and child birth is a very important milestone for expecting parents and their families. The baby’s health and well-being largely depends on health of the mother and diagnostics in pregnancy forms a critical role. While hospitals have their own pregnancy testing facilities, obstetricians who consult in clinics and other out-patient set ups many a times do not have access to complete quality and accurate diagnostic services under a single roof. We are best positioned to address this gap with both radiology and pathology tests and expertise and testing centers across multiple locations.”

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