Tuesday, May 10, 2022


At least 15 percent children in India are obese : Health expert

  Studies have shown that 75-80 percent of severely obese children will remain obese as adults and be at heightened risk of various NCDs, according...

47% Indians not happy with government’s handling of Covid crisis

Almost half of Indians showed their dissatisfaction with the Indian government's way of handling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that began its second wave in...

Opinion | Women Can Have a Better Menopause. Here’s How.

So profound is the knowledge gap that many women aren’t sure of the markers of menopause. Are they in it or done with...

Origin of Corona Virus – 14 countries doubt WHO report

WHO reports on Corona Virus origin

Dr. Reddy’s – Sputnik V Deal Simplified

Detailed and simplified explanation of deal between India's Dr. Reddy's & RDIF's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine.

Reason for AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine suspension.

Information about latest COVID-19 vaccine development and Indian scenario.

WHO Says Africa Polio Free

WHO recently certified African Continent as polio free. Article contains information about polio virus and how Africa eradicated the virus.

Telemedicine – A Bubble?

A lot has been said about Telemedicine, now as the nation wide lock-down eases, will telemedicine stay?

COVID-19 Vaccine – Will you be the first one to receive a vaccine shot?

After the COVID-19 vaccine releases, who will be the first recipient of the vaccine shot in India and across the globe? Dive in to know more.

Why I Prefer Sales over Marketing? – Pharma Sales vs Pharma Marketing

Why I choose Sales over marketing? That’s not a million dollar question. It’s very simple it’s just that I enjoy the overall...