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Infusion Nurses Society successfully conducts Annual National Conference – Express Healthcare

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PSG Hospital Coimbatore Team win fourth edition of the BD Mastermind Quiz

With a sharp focus on the safety of patients and healthcare professionals and highlighting safe infusion practices, the 9th National Conference organised by Infusion Nurses Society was themed around ‘Advancing Infusion Standards – Beyond Excellence’. As per a release, the Annual Conference supported by BD has been at forefront to offer strategies and education to help reduce IV infusion errors and establish best practices in the country.

The 4th edition of the BD Mastermind Quiz saw the participation of over 7000 nurses from 1500 hospitals from India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The final five regional winning teams of two members each for the Grand Finale were from Excel Care Hospital in the East, Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in the North, PSG Hospital from the South Coastal region, M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital from South Plain and Bhailal Amin General Hospital in the West. PSG Hospital Coimbatore Team emerged as the winners of the BD Mastermind Quiz.

Speaking on the occasion, Col Binu Sharma, President-Infusion Nurses Society, India, said, “INS is setting the gold standard for dedicated clinicians who seek to provide excellent infusion care across all practice areas. Despite the physical constraints during the pandemic, the virtual INS conference held this year was a resounding success with the nursing community’s unparalleled participation. The BD Mastermind Quiz is a highly sought-after event and is eagerly awaited by the nursing community. Through this endeavor, we aim to continue educating and equipping the community with safety infusion skills and focus on patient safety through continuous training and implementation of INS standards.”

Highlighting the importance of healthcare worker safety, Pavan Mocherla, MD, BD-India/South Asia said, “INS is one of the only conferences that brings together healthcare providers to deliberate upon and share the best clinical practices in infusion therapy. The thrust of this annual conference has always been infection prevention and better clinical outcomes by standardising and adoption of evidence-based protocols. We believe initiatives like this conference and BD Mastermind Quiz would enhance the knowledge on infusion practices towards healthcare worker safety and help in better patient outcomes.”

Some of the key topics discussed in this year’s conference were: Role of Professional Bodies in Healthcare Quality Monitoring, Infusion Practices During COVID-19: A Clinical Perspective, Future of Nursing-An Indian Perspective, Evolution of Nursing Leadership in Pandemic among other relevant subjects related to infusion safety.

Safe infusion therapy can also decrease the cost burden for both patients and hospitals by reducing waste of resources, prevention of infection and inflammation and sentinel events. With the rapid technological advancements in healthcare delivery, it is vital to make healthcare professionals aware of safe practices and adequate training should be imparted to them to ensure that complex situations are handled with ease by following key safety standards and protocols in infusion therapy.

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