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HEAL Health Connect Solutions to organise India Med Tech e-Summit 2020 – Express Healthcare

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e-Summit to focus on medical technology, its trends and opportunities; medical devices, optimising productivity through collaboration, challenges and opportunities

In association with ESI Medtech Solutions and in media partnership with Express Healthcare, HEAL Health Connect Solutions will organise the first edition of India Med Tech E-Summit 2020 on November 19, 2020 to highlight the importance of the critical role played by the med tech industry in combating the COVID-19 pandemic as the sector has played a pivotal role in successfully managing the pandemic right from the initial stage of prevention to the management of critically ill patients.

India Med Tech Innovation Awards 2020 is also being organised by the HEAL Foundation wherein the nomination date has been extended to 2 pm, November 30, 2020, and the awards for different categories and sub-categories will be announced in the first week of December  2020.

The e-Summit will attempt to examine the current state of medical technology and infrastructure in India, the technological development to meet the demand for accessible and affordable care, and reduced dependency on imports and making India self-sufficient through Make in India Initiative as India is an attractive destination for manufacturing.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the critical role played by the Med-Tech industry in combating it by managing right from the initial stage of prevention till the management of critically ill patients will be highlighted through the e-Summit. The e-Summit will also discuss the challenges faced by the Med-Tech Industry in its pursuit of fighting the pandemic as well as the successful strategies implemented in overcoming the challenges. The Industry Experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) will have a meaningful public discourse by outlining the challenges and key areas of action to address the role of the Med-Tech Industry in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in India”, says Dr Swadeep Srivastava, CEO & Mentor, HEAL Health Connect Solutions.

The India Med Tech e-Summit is scheduled to be split into three sessions:

  1. Medical Technology: Trends and opportunities
  2. Medical Devices: Make in India, optimising productivity through collaboration
  3. Medical Devices: Challenges and opportunities

HEAL Foundation will be organising India Med Tech Innovation Awards. The awards have been organised to honour the technological innovators of the Indian med-tech industry who have done some exceptional work and introduced innovative solutions in combating the Pandemic. The Med Tech Awards is conducted to celebrate the most outstanding Digital Health and Medical Technology products and services across the globe. This award produces a top platform for recognition of the innovative medical technologies and the winners will also get promotions through the various PR exercises and media relations.

The awards have been divided into two broad categories: Start-up and Non Start-up awards. There are several sub-categories within both the categories with respective nomination fees.


Start-up Non Start-up
         Med Tech Start-up of the Year

         Most Innovative Start-up Company

         Technological Innovation of the Year

         Innovative Clinical Trial of the Year

         Innovative Patient Monitoring System

         Telehealth Platform of the Year

         CSR Campaign of the Year

         Medical Device of the Year


“Organising such an event that will bring to discussion the entire gamut of medical technology is the need of the hour especially in COVID times, which has disrupted the entire algorithms. The trends and opportunities of the medical technology and the medical devices, its productivity; supply chain mechanism, the importance of digital solutions in healthcare and the need to establish medical technology park to make the device production and its supply smooth — are the burning topics that will find space for discussion. Also, India Med Tech Innovation Awards will boost the morale of all the players working in the segment of medical technology to do much better” says Dr P Siva Kumar, Managing Director, ESI Medtech Solutions.

For further details about the registration in E-Summit and the nomination for awards, kindly visit https://healfoundation.in/india-medtech-innovation-e-summit-2020/.

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