Monday, May 23, 2022

Foundation of Leadership

Leadership is about influencing others.


Now, we have a more connected world and distance between countries seems diminishing. Different industry requires a different style of leadership.
For example: In MNC’s country heads are connected with global leadership virtually. When we consider the leadership team of a factory, responsible for the smooth and timely functioning of the premises leadership team is more connected in-person to the subordinates. Considering the type of connection leadership can be classified into two:

  • Virtual Leadership: Generally means the involvement of digital means in connecting with the subordinates. Its generally advised that virtual leadership should also start with in-person leadership for some time. It allows for a good understanding and connect.
  • In-person Leadership: This is a traditional leadership style. It means a in-person contact between a leader and his subordinates.


  • Fast business environment
  • Technology – Leads to global connectivity, suppliers, customers & workers could be anywhere – Speed in connectivity
  • Success comes from agility (quick response to threats, opportunities)
  • Agility is a social process


– Rely on authority for mentation
– Coercion
– Persuation for implementation
– Transformational
– Transactional


  • MAKE DECISIONS – Take advantage of opportunities, Mitigate threats
  • IMPLEMENT DECISIONS – Set the direction (Target)

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