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Widely used chemical linked to 1,00,000 US deaths per year: Study

NEW YORK: Daily exposure to phthalates, a group of chemicals used in everything from plastic containers to makeup, may lead to approximately 100,000 deaths...

Foods to Reduce Inflammation and Strengthen the Immune System

Did you know that you can greatly reduce inflammation and boost your immune system by simply incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods and beverages into your...

Personal Selling

INTRODUCTION Early sellers and traders were not held in high esteem. The Roman word for salesman meant ‘Cheater’ and...

Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet

There are a lot of  misconceptions surrounding veganism. The notion that those who practice it are lacking in protein and therefore muscles is the...

Electrodes in brain new hope for severe cases of epilepsy

Neurosurgeons at All India Institute of Medical Sciences have devised a new technique for operating on children suffering from a severe form of epilepsy...

Foundation of Leadership

Leadership is about influencing others. TYPES OF LEADERSHIP : Now, we have a more connected...

Assertiveness Tips & Understanding

Assertiveness – Confident & forceful behavior Tips: Perceived Benefit – Reality v/s Assumption

Role of A Manager

This is a scribe on Role of Manager, scribes are generally written as the author recollects points on the topic. Nothing structured. It basically means less words, more sense.

Steve Jobs: “To me, marketing is about values”

This article contains an old footage of Steve Jobs, where he points out importance of building a brand that connects with the people for the long term success of the company.

Marketing Career Ladder

This article contains a downloadable PDF on Marketing career ladder by the owner of Beloved Brands, Graham Robertson.
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