Sunday, March 27, 2022

Benefits of Inclusiveness in Leadership

Basically means, Getting others involved into leader’s decision making.
– Participative : Opening up channels of communication.

Offers two kinds of benefits:
– Informative benefit (The head)
– Motivation benefit (The heart)

Inclusiveness doesn’t need to be everyone – but it’s always advised to have a subset of everyone.


  • Managers overestimate their ability to make high-quality decisions, without the input of others
  • To ask for assistance feels like a sign of weakness
  • Inclusiveness leads to more information, more information leads to better decision making
  • We all see the world bit differently
  • Everyone has a unique constellation of experience, expertise & perspective
  • Motivational benefits
  • Knowledge benefits

Having said this, the quality of a decision is limited to your ability to implement it, so taking ownership is paramount.

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