Tuesday, April 5, 2022

At 4,187, India records its highest 1-day Covid deaths – ET HealthWorld

India’s Covid-19 wave crossed another grim milestone with the country reporting more than 4,000 deaths from the virus in a single day, even as daily cases stayed over 4 lakh for the third day running.

India reported 4,187 fatalities on Friday, only the third country after the US and Brazil to report more than 4,000 deaths in a day. As per worldometers.info, the highest single-day toll in any country is 4,490 deaths reported in the US on January 12.

With 4,01,522 fresh cases reported on Friday, as per TOI’s Covid database, India has recorded more cases in 82 days of the second Covid wave than in over a year prior to that. Since February 14, the country has documented 1,09,68,039 cases of the coronavirus as opposed to 1,09,16,481 cases recorded from January 30 last year till February 14 this year.

Although no single day can be pinned down as the start of the second wave in the country, February 14 is the date since when the seven-day rolling average of daily cases in India has risen uninterruptedly.

In other words, India’s Covid caseload has doubled in 82 days — a very rapid surge considering the number that has doubled is 1.1 crore. Assuming that the first wave in the country really began from April 1 last year, the second wave has already seen four times higher daily case counts than the first.

There have been more than 82,000 recorded Covid deaths in the country since February 14, more than half of all earlier fatalities. India has recorded a total of 2,38,197 Covid-related deaths so far. On Friday, at least five states reported their highest daily death toll from the pandemic. These included Karnataka, which saw a big surge in deaths with 592 people succumbing to the virus.

Other states where the highest daily tolls were recorded were Uttar Pradesh (372 deaths), Tamil Nadu (197), Rajasthan (164) and Himachal Pradesh (56). Maharashtra continued to report the highest number of fatalities at 898. Other states where the toll continued to be high were Delhi (341), Chhattisgarh (208), Punjab (165), Haryana (162), Uttarakhand (137), Jharkhand (136) and Bengal (112), among others.

The total death toll crossed the 10,000 mark in Punjab and Chhattisgarh on Friday. In all, the Covid toll has topped 10,000 in eight states. Punjab has the highest case fatality rate in the country CFR at 2.4%.

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